My husband, David, and I originally created a Facebook page to share our daughter, Brielle, with family and friends. God, had other plans, and within a short amount of time, Brielle’s story had spread all over the world and touched the hearts of thousands. Diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation, with anencephaly, (meaning nearly all of her brain was missing) David and I chose to carry Brielle to term and give her the best life we could. We never imagined how wonderful those nine months we had with her could be and we are more than grateful for the time we did have. Brielle taught us more about love and life in a few short months than we could have learned in a lifetime. And that is why David and I have decided to continue Brielle’s story. Brielle showed the world pure unconditional love, and we’re of the opinion, that the world needs a little bit more of that. Our greatest hope is that she will touch your life as well. If you would like to read Brielle’s story from start to finish, please look under Brielle’s Story. If you would like to take a peek into what Loving Brielle is all about, please look under Popular Posts. Thank you for visiting us and learning about our beautiful daughter, Brielle Marie.