Brielle’s Story

If you are new to the page or just want to read about Brielle again, I’ve compiled my posts from her life and sorted them by month. I hope that Brielle’s story brings you encouragement and makes your life a little bit brighter, she certainly did for mine.


David’s First Father’s Day

Thank You

Happy 21st Brielle!

Brielle’s Lullaby: A song by Brian Beard

Hair Day With Brielle



Prayer Requests

What Life Is All About

Happy 4th of July!

Kiss the Girl & Under the Sea

Chattanooga Aquarium

The Killers

What Can a Fetus Do?

A Texas Visit

Anencephalic Monster

Live Anencephalic Organ Donation (not to be confused with organ donation that occurs after death)

Brielle’s Fetal Behavior

Good Days, Bad Days

Thank You

24 Weeks!

Brielle’s First ’80s Song!

The Loss of the Belly Shelf

Happy Baby

Prayers Please

Introducing Dr. Bootstaylor

Anencephalic Odds

Spina Bifida & Anencephaly

Piedmont Park (25th Week!)

Werewolves of London

Brielle’s 26th Week!



Treylor Park

Savannah Shopping

The Mansion on Forsyth

Lady & Sons

Losing a Child

Resources for Friends & Family

Brielle’s Second Day in Savannah

Brielle’s Third Day in Savannah

Brielle’s Trip to the Zoo

Brielle’s 27 Week Check Up

Daddy’s Girl

Is Abortion Murder?

Brielle’s 27 Week Ultrasound Pictures


Brielle’s Bonnet


Our Hospital Tour

Our Little Jimmy Buffet Fan

August 19: Day of Hope

Layla Sky (You can follow Layla’s story on Facebook at The Fight for Layla Sky)

Two Little Charms

Grief’s Women

Why We Chose Not to Abort Brielle

The Meaning Behind Brielle’s Name


Brielle’s First Quilt

Brielle’s 29 Week Scan

Death Is Nothing At All

Our Visit to American Girl

Sweet Emmy

Family Centered Cesarean

If You Like Pina Colada’s

The Ignored Defect

A Balancing Act


Brielle’s 30th Week!

A Love Letter to David

Thank You

Prayer Requests

More Prayer Requests

Missed Opportunity

Brielle is 31 Weeks!

Brielle’s Spirituality

It Will Be Okay

Billy Joel – Lullabye

Brielle Has a Membrane!

The Hard Truth About Anencephaly

Do Something

Neonatologist Meeting

Mexico Independence Day

Our Meeting with the Neonatologist

Welcome to Holland


Antidepressants & Birth Defects

Brielle’s Utter Dislike for Dr. Seuss

More Prayers Please

Putting Brielle’s Room Together

Quick Update

Update From Caitrin

Dekalb Medical Has the BEST Nurses!

Continued Prayers

Update From Tammy

Sweet Relief

Brielle’s Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Learning to Ask

What Happened in the Hospital

Thank You Mom

Learning to Have Faith


Jaxon Strong

The Murdock’s Story

Happy Birthday Papa

Praying for Hope

Brielle’s Baby Shower

Brielle is 35 Weeks!

God is Healing Brielle!

I’m Twenty Five Today

Even When it Hurts

My Birthday Celebration

The Princess and the Pea

The Who

Brielle is 38 Weeks!

Daniel 3:17-18

Happy First Halloween Brielle!


Appointment Update

The MTHFR Gene & Why It Matters

Starting Somewhere: Fetal Procedures for Anencephaly

Take it On the Run


Brielle’s Last Ultrasound

Happy 40th Brielle!

Thank Yous

Our Prayer Requests for Brielle’s Birth

Our Last Saturday With Brielle

Our Last Sunday With Brielle

Cesarean Scheduled

Brielle’s Visit to the World of Coke

Our Last Day With Brielle

Today is the Day

Delivery Postponed a Few Hours

Our Angel Brielle

Part One: The Day Brielle Was Born

Part Two: Brielle’s Birthday Continued

Brielle’s Birthday Pictures (Before Delivery)

Part Three: The Delivery

Part Four: Brielle Meets the Family

The Evening of Brielle’s Birthday

Brielle’s Picture Day

The Most Heartbreaking Thing About Our Time With Brielle

Our Last Night Together

Our Last Day in the Hospital

Psalm 82:3

Funeral Home Visit

Brielle’s Obituary

One Week Since Brielle’s Birth

Coming Soon: Brielle’s Funeral

Life After Death


Brielle’s First Concert

Brielle’s First Lake Trip

Brielle’s First Snow

Thrift Shopping with Brielle

Brielle’s Trip to Disney World