Our story began on June 19, 2015. My husband, David, and I found out that our daughter, Brielle, had anencephaly. This is how we shared the news with friends and family.

“We are having a beautiful baby girl! Her name is Brielle Marie Wolford-Gentry. The BMW G-series as my family happily calls her. Unfortunately, David and I were given devastating news about our little girl. We were told that Brielle will not survive after she’s born. We’ve chosen to carry her to term and give her the best life she could possibly have. While this time is unbelievably hard for us, we are going to celebrate the life she does have and cherish the time we have with her. If you’re wondering what to say, please know there’s nothing you can say that will make this easier and we don’t expect anyone to have the right words to say. We would ask that you love our little girl, that you pray for her, and that you acknowledge her. We also don’t want this to be a sad time, we want to celebrate her and enjoy her life, the time for grieving will be after she passes. If you have questions or aren’t sure what to say, go ahead and ask, I’m happy to answer questions, and while it will be hard for us at times, I want everyone to know of the joy that we have for our little girl.”

David and I created a Facebook page, Loving Brielle, and were quickly overwhelmed with the love and support that we received. Brielle’s life and story touched the hearts of people all over the world. We took her on adventures, read to her, sang to her and did our best to show her the better parts of life. Brielle was loved on and prayed over through her entire life and in turn, she too, loved and inspired many. On November 12, 2015 our sweet baby girl was born. She was incredibly beautiful and fought hard to stay with us. Brielle gave us eighty two minutes of pure love and we treasure every second of it.

We now seek to find a “new normal” and live out a life in honor of our sweet daughter. Our journey is to discover who we are without Brielle and how we cope with her absence. Our greatest wish is that her life will inspire others and help us all to be a better version of ourselves.


A Little Bit About Us…


David, is a loving and wonderful husband and father. He supports and encourages Caitrin in all of her endeavors and constantly seeks to be the best he can be for his family. Caitrin and David live in Atlanta, Georgia where she works as a homemaker and he works as a software engineer. They have two beautiful dog children that they often refer to as “the girls”. Emmy, a flat-coated retriever, is a demure eight year old who adores her Mommy and watches out for her little sister. Rosie, a rottweiler, is a playful pup of five who is a Daddy’s girl and looks up to her big sister Emmy.