Brielle’s Birthday Cake

If you remember Brielle’s 30th week, you know that David picked her up Gigi’s cupcakes and that she loved the bubblegum cupcake and that I hated it and choked down as much as I could handle. Her second favorite was the strawberry shortcake flavor.

Her yummy cupcakes, except for that awful bubblegum one that she loved.

We went back and forth on getting her a fancy tiered cake, but that kind of seemed over the top and stressful. Ultimately, we decided to go with a custom cake from Gigi’s in the strawberry shortcake flavor. I’m really excited about the cake and can’t wait to have some! I may have a cake addiction.

One Of My Favorite Memories: Brielle Hates Dr. Seuss

One of the things David and I enjoy about Brielle was how opinionated she was. We had no idea that she would react to books we read her, but once we started reading to her, wow, she really did! This was clearly evident in this memory:

“Yesterday, David went out and bought Brielle a bunch of new books. I told her all about them and she did lots of happy wiggles. She especially wiggled for a Winnie the Pooh book he’d bought her. So I read that one to her. She loved it! She wiggled her little butt the whole time. Then I read her a Dr. Seuss book David had bought her. Nothing, she did not like it. No moving, no excitement. Not even happy snuggles, where she’ll curl up on one of my sides. Nothing. She really hates Dr. Seuss. Who knew a baby could hate Dr. Seuss so much? David said that this cannot be. She has to like ’80s hair bands and Dr. Seuss. I told Brielle I’d protect her from both, especially the ’80s hair bands.”

She also, hated, Fox In Socks.


One night as David read to her Fox In Socks, she kicked the right side of my belly (where David was reading) hard and then ran away to the left side of my belly and burrowed as hard as she could to get away from the sound of his voice. When I told David to stop and try reading something else, she calmed down.

He picked up Beauty & The Beast and began reading, she waited a few moments and then moved back to the right side of my belly, and snuggled up closer to his voice. So cute. She knew what she liked!