Brielle’s First Quilt

I received a package a few days ago from my parents and inside was this beautiful quilt that Mary H. made for Brielle. I had no idea it was coming or that she had made it. It’s beautiful and I love it so much! After I received this, I told Mary that I had a special quilt made for me when I was a baby and I’d always wanted that for Brielle too. So this gift is very meaningful to me and it will be something I treasure for the rest of my life. I love the fabric and how happy the quilt is! I keep it in our bedroom with Brielle’s elephant heartbeat bear and every night I listen to Brielle’s heartbeat and hold this blanket and her elephant. I think Brielle knows that time is for her, she always does happy kicks when she hears her heartbeat.

The quilt says: Daddy Loves Brielle, Jesus Loves Brielle, Mommy Loves Brielle.

Daddy Loves Brielle
Jesus Loves Brielle
Mommy Loves Brielle
Full Shot of the Quilt