Update from Tammy


This is Tammy. Greg and I arrived in Atlanta today after Caitrin’s heart rate jumped unusually high this morning. Right now she and Brielle are doing fine. All of the tests they have run have come back fine, so the doctors are at a loss as to why her heart keeps doing this. I’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

Family Centered Cesarean

This is the type of cesarean that we will hopefully have. I’m so grateful that this is offered for us. One of my biggest concerns is that I wont be able to hold Brielle alive, with this option I can trust that I’ll be able to hold Brielle as soon as possible. Of course, there is no guarantee that she will be alive, but at least I will know that we did everything we could.

Family Centered Cesarean

Brielle’s 27 Week Check Up

We went to the doctor Friday. We received some bad, but not terrible news. My amniotic fluid is a little high, it’s still within a healthy range, but it’s creeping up there. High levels are 25 cm, normal is 10 cm, mine are at 20.85. That’s 4 inches larger than normal and 1-2 pounds heavier than normal (I think I have that right). Brielle is swallowing, but just not enough. We really need prayers about this. If I go above 25 cm I may go into preterm labor, be put on medication to stop contractions, and go on bed rest. If I get into 40-50 cm range Dr. B will have to drain off the excess fluid because I’ll have trouble breathing. Think an extra 8-10 pounds with a 4ish pound baby at 33 weeks. This isn’t a good solution, because the fluid will build right back up within a week and it puts Brielle at risk for preterm labor. So prayers please!

It was our first visit officially with SeeBaby Midwifery, the practice that Dr. Bootstaylor runs. It’s incredibly common in almost every country besides the US, to have midwives attend the birth at the hospital and only call in an OB GYN when forceps, vacuum, or cesarean are required. His practice follows that model, instead of the typical American model. So we will see a midwife for our general appointments and Dr. Bootstaylor after ultrasounds and for specialty check ups.

The technician took her time with the ultrasound and did her best to get the best pictures she could. However, Brielle is a wiggle worm! And would not stay still for clear pictures. So we were unable to get a view of her head since she had it hidden on my cervix. We were able to get pictures of the rest of her though. She’s growing just like she should. Her heart and lungs are healthy, her weight is on target, and she’s a wiggle worm! She weighs about two pounds right now and is the cutest thing!

Mom and Dad bought us an elephant heartbeat bear to record Brielle’s heartbeat in. They bought an elephant since she was going to the zoo to meet an elephant. So Brielle’s stuffed animal will be an elephant. The technician got a recording of her heartbeat, but of course Brielle would not stay still and moved in the middle of the recording. David and I liked that she did that, it captures who she is, and we’ll have that memory forever.

This video from the ultrasound captures Brielle moving around. She’s like this just about everyday. She’s a happy baby and loves to move her legs and arch her back. She also likes to keep her hands around her face. One hand fisted next to her mouth and the other near her brow, rubbing her face. She gets this from me. I sucked my thumb for forever, and even still sleep with my hands around my face. I also can’t sit still, ever. The way she’s moving in this video reminds me of my Uncle Scott Wolford when he was a young boy. He was kind of wild. Brielle is very much a Wolford.