Grief’s Women


“I have these people in my life, in abundance. You do too, even if you don’t know about it. Women who have had miscarriages, stillbirths, who have lost infants, women who have struggled through infertility, those who still struggle through it and those who have finally given up on the dream of having biological children. Women whose babies have been diagnosed with hard medical things, in the womb or out of it. Women whose grief is not related to their children but who struggle to parent under the weight of something else. The list is even longer than that and includes so many different circumstances and trials and heartaches. Grieving moms and grieving women – they are literally everywhere. We should be better at loving them.

We should talk about grief. We should ask questions and listen to peoples’ answers. We should get better at loving people who are going through hard things. We shouldn’t forget them or be afraid of their sadness or let them feel alone or inconvenient. We should be as good at mourning with our friends as we are at rejoicing with them.

It should be easy because we love them.”

One of the things that has made me proud of Brielle’s life is that so many have felt safe to open up and talk about their grief. I hope that we can be more transparent and open with hardship. I don’t believe we do ourselves any favors by hiding our pain or grief, because more often than not, the person next to you is burdened with similar pain. We shouldn’t go through life alone and we shouldn’t carry our burdens alone.