Sweet Emmy

Sweet Emmy and little Rosie creeping from behind her.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting up the stairs. I can only take about three at a time before I’m out of breath and my chest burns like I ran a marathon. This has made Emmy very worried. She stands at the top of the stairs and her big brown eyes look at me with worried confusion. I keep telling her, “Mommy’s okay, I just need to rest. I’m okay.” She doesn’t believe me.

So tonight, as I’m thoroughly winded, resting on the landing, she starts to smile and then runs down to the landing. She then looks at me with another big smile and runs back up the stairs, as if to say, “Look Mom, this is how you go up the stairs. I’ll show you how, you can do it!” She’s so sweet. Once I did make it up the stairs, she made sure to stay very close. She is such a good girl.