Treylor Park

Saturday we met my parents in Savannah at a funky place called Treylor Park for lunch. Mommy and Brielle had a bite of Papa and Grandma’s grilled apple pie with chicken, it was tasty! We had PB&J wings, fried Oreos, a bite of Daddy’s sausage gravy chicken biscuit (very yummy!) and a burger with special kettle chips that Brielle loved.

PB&J Wings!
Grilled apple pie with chicken!

Brielle’s 26th Week!

Brielle is so happy today! Maybe because she knows today is her 26th week! We have a big surprise for her this weekend. A trip to Savannah, GA and Tybee Island. AND we’re meeting Papa and Grandma! So much excitement and adventure for a little girl.

On a side note, she’s been dancing like crazy for Christian music today. Favorite so far is Do Life Big by Jamie Grace. However, a few days ago it was Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Silly girl has very eclectic tastes!