Sweet Little Emmy Has a Boo Boo


Last night Bernice brought Emmy upstairs to me and worriedly told me something was wrong with Emmy. I, uh, *cough* was busy playing The Sims. Anyways, I went over to Emmy and she was limping.

I checked her whole front paw and leg, in between the pads and everything. And I felt nothing. No blood, no obvious break, and nothing lodged in her paw. Bernice was tearing up, so I told her it was nothing to worry about, it was most likely a sprain.

Emmy was doing her, “Mommy, don’t leave me” face. So we snuggled for a while, but she didn’t stop doing her anxious panting or her “I need Mommy” face. I thought she needed an ice pack, “This will make it better!” I thought.

I told Emmy to stay there and even though she didn’t want me to leave her, she stayed, until she heard the ice maker. And then I heard her hobbling down the stairs. Poor baby made it to the landing and then stopped. But when she saw me, she began to come the rest of the way down.

Snuggling with Mommy.

I sat on the floor and opened my arms for snuggles. She happily came over. Then I tried to put the ice pack on her paw. It was like the world was coming to an end. She had a full on conniption. And she looked at me like I had violated her in some way, it was just an ice pack. Ugh.

After she calmed down from that drama, we were able to snuggle again. I kept an eye on her all evening and could tell she was in horrible pain. The worst I’d seen her since we had some early stage cancer removed. Thankfully, we had some left over pain pills and after we gave her those, she fell asleep.

I told David that we needed to take her to the vet in the morning, she was in too much pain. It had to be bad if she didn’t want any of her toys, including her antlers, and was letting Rosie chew on both antlers. Those are fighting words and she didn’t move a muscle.

By the middle of the night I was freaking out that it was something neurological. What if the cancer came back in her brain? Or what if there’s a mass on her spine I can’t feel?

David carried her up and down all of our stairs and she let him, something she’s never done before. And she let him put her in the Suburban and carry her into the vet. I knew she must be in horrible pain.

The vet checked out the paw and did an x ray, sure enough, Emmy broke her pinky toe on her front right paw. Poor baby. Thankfully, it was a clean break, but because it’s in a weird place on her paw it will take a long time to heal.


Because it’s a Saturday, they didn’t have time to splint the paw, so they wrapped her paw and leg up and we’ll be going back in a couple weeks to have it checked out and splinted (is splinted a word?). She also has lots of pain pills.

Of course, I’m relieved it’s nothing too serious, but I’m sad that she’ll have to spend the rest of the cooler months indoors or resting. Fall, winter, and spring are her favorite seasons. She’ll stay outside for hours, just enjoying the day, chasing squirrels. She’ll have to leave that to Rosie for the next few months.

Such a good girl!!

I’m so proud of my little Emmy. She’s been such a strong girl. No whining and no complaining, even though she had every right to. I’ve been snuggling her as much as I can, I have to baby my little girl! I just hope this break heals well and only takes a couple of months. She’s been such a good girl through all of this, she’s my sweet Emmy Lou.

My Birthday Celebration


My 25th birthday started out a bit rough, as mentioned previously. By the time David came home I was in much better spirits, but I still wasn’t thrilled about the day, to say the least. We decided to open gifts first since our reservations weren’t until 8:30. My parents had sent a good size Amazon box and an outfit they had ordered a few weeks ago arrived as well. David loves to spoil me (be worried about our children) so he bought me a romance novel, a K-Drama that I love, flowers, a cake, and a gift card to the spa for after Brielle is born. He also got me a very sweet card. He loves me.

I opened my parent’s box and was so surprised. It was filled with things for Brielle! Happy patterns and cute newborn outfits. I was so excited by them. David said in a disappointed voice, “Your parents outdid me this year.” He was not happy about that lol. I spent quite a bit of time looking at each thing and putting the newborn outfits together. David was excited about them too, but kind of jealous that I wasn’t as excited about his gifts. Poor David. Seeing all of those things for Brielle made me so happy and cheered me up. It was so fun imagining her chubby, little legs kicking out of her onesie. So cute! David then said, “How do you put those things on and how do you change a diaper? Do you take the whole outfit off?” It hadn’t occurred to me that I needed to teach David how to do those things. We needed to have a crash course on babies.

We had a nice dinner out, which Brielle enjoyed as well. We have a bit of problem there, she enjoys expensive steak a bit too much. We’re not continuing that for her after she’s born. Mommy and Daddy are still having good steak though.

When we came home, David grabbed Brielle’s American Girl doll, Grace, and I set up a station on the coffee table to teach David how to change a diaper. That was interesting. Not because of David, but because the doll was not flexible – at all. We had a lot of fun though! David did such a good job, he’s worried he won’t do it right, I kept telling him that he will know. He’ll know what to do and he is already doing such a great job. He said he wanted to be a good daddy. I told him he was already a great daddy. Brielle loves him so much! He’s still worried, but hopefully not as much. To be fair, it is quite a bit to take in and learn when you’ve never been around newborns before.

Saturday we saw The Martian, which was good. We have read the book a couple of times and the book is hysterical, terrible language, but hilarious. The movie was not so funny. We still had fun and Brielle liked it too. After the movie we went to a Carter’s store and bought Brielle a bunch of outfits. That was so much fun! We both enjoyed that, David was amazed at how tiny everything was. I even had fun doing laundry that night. I washed all of Brielle’s little clothes and blankets. It made me so happy to fold a little stack just for her.

Overall I had a great birthday weekend. It started out really rough, but spending time with my sweet family was all I needed. I got to spoil my little girl, eat cake, spend time with David, and get dog snuggles from my sweet fur children. And we had an amazing Sunday. It was an emotional birthday, but a great one.

Look at Rosie and Emmy. Do you think they want cake?
My white cake with white buttercream cake.
Look at all the gifts Brielle and I got!
David trying his best to put clothes on the doll.
Still trying…
He did it!