David’s First Father’s Day

Brielle and Mommy planned a special Father’s Day for her Daddy. We planned an evening with Daddy’s favorite dinner and a fun night at Dave and Buster’s!

Brielle’s special skirt for our planned photo booth pictures at Dave and Buster’s. David’s father’s day card and Brielle’s corsage. A wonderful lady at Whole Foods made this corsage special for Brielle when I told her what I needed it for on such short notice. She was so kind and had such wonderful things to say, I’ll always remember her kindness.


Brielle’s happy father’s day picture with her sweet corsage. After our evening out I smelled Brielle’s peony corsage for the first time and and she immediately kicked in response, in fact she had such a happy kick that David even felt her for the first time. This was such a special night for him.


David trying to win lots of tickets for Brielle.
Daddy trying to find a tasty snack for Brielle.
Daddy’s pick of cheese sticks did not go over well with Brielle, more for Daddy.
11270367_886671861394275_1398993366200806325_o (1)
This was our photo booth comedy show. We expected a typical photo booth, but instead we got this weird guided experience without a screen for reference (you can’t even see Brielle’s special skirt!) I balanced precariously on a stool so Brielle was visible and David acted silly with baby Brielle. It was great to get a picture with David really smiling!

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