Prayer Requests


Here are some prayer requests from David and I.

  • Pray that Brielle develops a healthy swallowing reflex and can swallow amniotic fluid. If she doesn’t develop this reflex this can lead to complications and she may have to be born premature, which might mean she’s stillborn or that our time with her will be shortened.
  • Pray that I can have a natural birth and that Brielle will continue to grow to be strong and healthy so that she’ll survive the stress of labor.
  • Our biggest concern is that we won’t be able to spend enough time with Brielle alive, please pray that she can live as long as possible and that we have the time to introduce her to the rest of our family and friends. We have no idea how long she’s intended to live, but please pray that we’ll get more than a few minutes with her. There’s so much we want to tell her.
  • Pray for us as we watch others who are pregnant and who have young children, especially little girls. Pray that we can find joy in their joy, instead of falling into despair at the loss of our own baby.
  • Pray that David and I can stay strong for Brielle and that we can show her happiness, thankfulness, and love in the midst of our grief.
  • Give prayers of thanks, thank God for the time we do get with her, that we were able to find this out before she was born, and thank God that she already has been blessed with more love than either of us could have imagined she would receive.

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