Kiss the Girl

Thursday night we watched The Little Mermaid and I made Korean BBQ with a lot of onions (one of Brielle’s favorite foods). I think The Little Mermaid was a hit. At first she was really quiet, but then she really perked up around the “Under the Sea” part and she really liked the song “Kiss the Girl” too. She was kicking and dancing up a storm towards the end and she danced the whole time to the end credits. David and I talked and rubbed on her the whole movie and David asked her if she liked singing and then told her he was sure she had a beautiful voice just like Ariel. The whole night he kept referring to her as a mermaid because she’s swimming around in my tummy, silly Daddy. Friday night we watched Ariel’s Beginning, which she was pretty quiet for, and tonight we’re watching the sequel Return to the Sea. We’re making sure to cover all of our Little Mermaid movies, I may even have to show her the tv show that aired when I was a little girl. I played her two favorites for her again and she was much more active for “Kiss the Girl”, so here it is:

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