Chattanooga Aquarium

Friday afternoon we met our good friends John and Courtney at Mellow Mushroom for lunch and then went to the aquarium. I’m so grateful to John’s brother for getting us tickets to the aquarium, we had so much fun! We started in the ocean side and Brielle and I said hi to the stingrays and made sure to give them good pets, I tried my best to touch the baby hammerhead, but missed it, that’s okay though, the stingrays were sweet! We then went into the butterfly room! That room was very cool, it was filled with pretty butterflies that would get very close and sometimes land on you, there was even one butterfly that really loved John, and hung out on his cap for a while. Personally, I think David attracted a giant blue butterfly, because David was also wearing a blue polo. I found that humorous. We saw penguins and felt the water temperature that they swim in, very cold! The three of us went into a shark cage and took a picture, there weren’t any sharks around though wink emoticon And then we watched a bunch of sharks swim around with other fish and we even saw one shark being fed, although he was very uninterested, I guess he was full? There were a lot of jellyfish, a lot.

We then went to the freshwater side, and naturally, on our way down the escalator into the exhibit the escalator ate my dress. Now, I have had an extreme fear of escalators since I was a little girl and this was my exact fear! And lo and behold, I’m stepping off the escalator and it eats my dress, David had to rip my dress out of the escalator to free me. Those escalators have been after me my whole life, I’m on to them and their evil ways. The freshwater side was pretty cool too! We saw baby alligators and a ton of turtles, turtles are so cute. Brielle and I made sure to pet a sturgeon, it was not soft like the stingray, I was a bit disappointed, they are hard and they did not make me want to cuddle them, stingrays feel soft and cuddly, not sturgeons. We saw a ton of giant catfish, they were huge! And we met piranhas which John was very happy about. And there were so many sweet sea horses, they were so cute and small, we even saw dwarf sea horses that were so tiny!

We had so much fun! And I’m so glad we were able to share this memory with John and Courtney!

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