Spina Bifida & Anencephaly

You can visit them here.

Sharing this from Luca Hill’s FB page, another sweet boy lost to anencephaly. Spina bifida and anencephaly are both neural tube defects.


Before 1960 the survival rate for all forms of Spina Bifida was 10-12%. Doctors were certain of mental retardation and that all babies with Spina Bifida had an unacceptable quality of life. (NCBI.NIM.NIH.GOV) Doctors refused to treat a baby that was diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

Sound familiar?

Because of a strong push in medical equality, surgery within the first 48 hours of delivery, and developments in medical technology (shunt, fetal surgery) 91% of babies born with Spina Bifida live WELL past their first year of LIFE and live a life full of joy, happiness, and purpose. (http://www.spinabifidamoms.com/english/myths.html)

So…Why not ours?

Check out this little ball of sunshine, Evie Grace, LIVING with Spina Bifida and bringing so much sassiness and silliness to those who adore her.https://www.facebook.com/EviesWarriors?fref=ts

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