Lisa’s Work for Anencephaly


Lisa B. found this picture and added Brielle’s name and the quote. It was so encouraging when she shared this with me and I think it’s beautiful. It means the world to me when people share that they are thinking of Brielle. And I am so thankful for this.

Now, let me tell you how awesome Lisa is. Lisa is a part of the anencephaly community and she makes little bonnets and hats for new anencephalic babies. She donates them to these parents so that they can have cute and pretty things to give to their sweet anen babies. She is selfless with her time, kindness, and generosity. She creates other things for bereaved parents and is always willing to do a custom project for anen parents and bereaved parents. She is truly a very kind and wonderful person and has a very special place in the anencephaly community’s hearts.

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