Sorry for the late replies to messages and the lack of posts recently. My mother-in-law (who has alzheimer’s) has been staying with us and we’ve been busy with house projects. I can’t leave her alone for long periods of time and she frequently needs entertaining (ideas on how to entertain her and give me free time would be appreciated, I’ve become her care giver). We’re in the process of moving her in and moving her things. It’s a strange process where we leave her alone for a few weeks and then she’s with us and then she isn’t…lol…the procrastinators way. 

Anyways, we are building five raised garden beds and will be starting a garden. I’m cleaning up the backyard because Emmy and Rosie have done their best to destroy it. They love to dig up dirt and eat it. Or dig holes in pursuit of some sort of animal. I really, really appreciate it.

I need a better office space. David has invaded mine. He had three offices. A computer closet in one of the guest bedrooms for light use, a computer opposite mine for gaming, and an entire computer lab in the basement. Well, he decided he needed to use more of my space, in other words, my entire craft table. So I’m building a cabinet system (Ikea hack) and taking away the three computer spaces and merging all of our stuff into one room. We all have to make sacrifices, David must sacrifice his computer lab and closet. I want my craft table back, dangit!

So we’ve been busy. I will also need to begin work on his mom’s house. The place kind of needs gutted and, being the happy interior decorator that I am, I am very excited for this challenge. Not so excited about the expense and work, but it has to be done. We will be using the house as a rental property, we didn’t know this, but David half owns it (he originally bought it then gave it to his mother). Never thought I’d accidentally find out I owned a house, but you learn something new every day.

I’m happily drawing up plans, the bathrooms need gutted, the flooring needs replaced. The kitchen is falling apart. I basically have a blank slate. The house has a traditional farmhouse feel, so I’m going for a more white look.

On that note, I’m creating a separate blog page for the Loving Brielle page. I am in the process of transferring over posts and organizing the posts. So if you visit the site, please know it is a work in progress. Once I get everything transferred and organized I’ll start posting more regularly and I’ll start posting more about the projects I’m doing, because I’ll be doing a lot.

I also realized I didn’t update you all on my checkups after I had Brielle. So I’ll update you guys on that and our future baby plans. I mean why not? I’ve told you guys everything else. I really hope you are all doing well, I’ve missed interacting with you all and will hopefully get more time soon.

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