David Has A New Job


David has a new job! I wanted to make sure everything was final before I shared the good news. The interview went great and our prayers were answered. God did some pretty cool things during the interview, so I’m going to brag on Him.

I sat down to pray after David left, and in the middle of one of my sentences to God I felt a huge urge to pray for David’s parking situation. I stopped what I was talking about, prayed that David would find the spot he needed to be at and that he’d make it to the interview at the right time.

I checked the time, it was 12:51 PM. I asked David later if he had parking problems. He said he did, he got lost, and was really starting to panic and then one spot opened up at 12:53 PM. He walked into the lobby at 12:59 PM. His interview was scheduled for 1:00 PM.

I prayed that everyone there would be blown away and desperately want David. I prayed that they’d give him an offer that day and that they’d give him the best offer they could afford. I prayed that he’d mesh well with everyone there and would make a good impression.

He got along with everyone, they wouldn’t stop smiling. They were incredibly impressed and gave their highest compliment, “He’s not an idiot.” After the interview, they unofficially told him he’d be receiving an offer. The official offer came in three days later and they offered the highest option they could give him.

The company sets engineers as the VIPs of the company, not management. They have a pancake printer, open vacation policy (as long as your work is done), hover boards, flexible hours, they even had a viewing of Star Wars a few days before it came out. The company is styled after the dot com era Silicon Valley startup, it’s a nerd’s paradise.

We’re incredibly thankful for your prayers and God’s work for us. We have needed a win and we’re looking forward to a better job and lower stress.

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