We’re Going On A Cruise

This will make the second time that we’ve taken a “change of job vacation.” Five years ago, David and I went to Universal Studios (hello Wizarding World of Harry Potter), after he left one job and before he started the one he is currently leaving. We’ve decided this is a good trend to have. Take a week off between jobs. So David and I will be taking a Disney Cruise.


Now, for those of you who knew about our honeymoon, you know this is a big deal for us. David and I are no strangers to cruises, and we used to love them. But our honeymoon cruise, with Royal Caribbean, was horrific. For instance, mysterious white substance all over the stateroom couch…you get the picture. We swore off cruises and said, “NEVER AGAIN.” Never, say never.

We’re sticking to our aversion of Royal Caribbean, but after telling David about Disney Cruises, he’s been begging to go. My family went on a Disney Cruise in 2001 and the entertainment was incredible. The ship was beautiful and the entire experience was magical. It may sound kind of ridiculous to take a Disney Cruise after we lost Brielle, but they have multiple adult only areas and a great spa.


David and I fully intend to hang out at the adult only pool and spa. I have a facial booked for me and a couples massage on the adult’s beach at Castaway Cay. We’re not getting off at Nassau, we’ve been there so many times it’s not even fun anymore. I’m hoping that the adult pool will be less crowded and I’m hoping the Nassau day will make the boat less crowded too.

David and I are going for ultimate relaxation. Sunbathing, fruity drinks, good food, and relaxing spa time. We’re so excited we’ll run up to each other and say, “We’re taking a vacation!” And we’ll do a happy dance, we need this.


The most difficult thing about Bernice is that she is extroverted and I am introverted (not that extroversion is bad). I never get to relax. It’s been five months and I’ve never had a moment to relax or be alone. She seeks me out and finds me. I barely know the woman, so it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I really, really need a relaxing getaway. Alone time, I need lots of alone time.


The stress from David’s job is making his hair turn grey and he looks haggard all the time. And he tells me I look on edge all the time, like I’ve never really rested or slept in months. He’s also complaining that I snap at him far more, which I can’t deny. After spending every day repeating the same thing over and over again to Bernice and then David coming home and asking me the same questions over and over again, I’m ready to break and bite everyone’s head off. I usually end the day with a bit of a twitch and a constant loop in my head, “They’re both crazy. I’m living with two people who are losing their minds.”


We need a vacation.

I’ll take book recommendations, I like trashy romance novels, but not too trashy, like I don’t want naked guys on the cover, let’s be real, it is Disney. Light and fluffy guys, I need lots of light and fluffy crap. And if anyone wants to share Disney Cruise tips, I’d appreciate them.


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