Thank You, Kara!


We bought Brielle a charm bracelet, of course she only had one charm, but I thought it’d be fitting for us to have mother daughter bracelets. David bought me a matching charm bracelet and I wore it for the first time at her funeral. We’ve begun to fill it with charms that remind us of her and our own history.

Kara R. sent me a beautiful necklace with Brielle’s name and date of birth. And I think it’s a perfect addition to my bracelet.

The charm reads, "The love between a mother and daughter is forever."

I have been wanting something like this, but I wasn’t sure where to buy it. I think these charms are a beautiful addition to my bracelet.

Brielle's name and birthday.

Kara has been incredibly kind and giving to us through this journey. She always has been a very good friend and I’m very thankful for her kindness, mentorship, encouragement, and presence in my life.

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