Thank You, Jeralyn!


This is a very special post to me and something I’ve been planning and wanting to do right for a long time.

Jeralyn S. used to take care of me when I was a baby. She attended church at Airport Freeway where my family attended when I was young. And when she found out about Brielle she took it on herself to dote on Brielle just as she had doted on me. She has been sending David, Brielle, and I handmade cards throughout Brielle’s life and recently sent us a sweet Little Mermaid dress for her American Girl Doll, Grace (which also fits Brielle’s urn bear!). 


And even more recently, she sent Brielle an adorable Star Wars dress. David and I are in love with it.


These cards mean more than she’ll ever know to David and I. She would write special messages to Brielle and I would read them to her. David would come home and get a big smile on his face as he read them. Each card was unique and different and we had so much fun seeing what Jeralyn had sent us! David especially loved the Star Wars themed card she sent for him. 


Her cards always arrived when we needed them most and brought us joy when we were often deep in despair. I am so thankful to Jeralyn and her incredible kindness to my family. She has been such a blessing to us and especially to sweet Brielle. Thank you, Jeralyn, for everything you’ve done for my family.


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