Thank You, Jeralyn!


This is a very special post to me and something I’ve been planning and wanting to do right for a long time.

Jeralyn S. used to take care of me when I was a baby. She attended church at Airport Freeway where my family attended when I was young. And when she found out about Brielle she took it on herself to dote on Brielle just as she had doted on me. She has been sending David, Brielle, and I handmade cards throughout Brielle’s life and recently sent us a sweet Little Mermaid dress for her American Girl Doll, Grace (which also fits Brielle’s urn bear!). 


And even more recently, she sent Brielle an adorable Star Wars dress. David and I are in love with it.


These cards mean more than she’ll ever know to David and I. She would write special messages to Brielle and I would read them to her. David would come home and get a big smile on his face as he read them. Each card was unique and different and we had so much fun seeing what Jeralyn had sent us! David especially loved the Star Wars themed card she sent for him. 


Her cards always arrived when we needed them most and brought us joy when we were often deep in despair. I am so thankful to Jeralyn and her incredible kindness to my family. She has been such a blessing to us and especially to sweet Brielle. Thank you, Jeralyn, for everything you’ve done for my family.


Our Last Night Together


Tonight is most likely my last night with Brielle. I’ve not wanted to post anything or respond to much because I just want to soak up as much of my sweet girl as I can. Twelve hours from now I’ll be getting ready to leave Brielle here and she’ll be taken to the morgue. I can’t imagine leaving her and it tears me apart. She’s not supposed to be without her Mommy.

So tonight I’ve kissed her sweet cheeks and lips, and I’ve gone over all of our memories together. David and I have cried and laughed as we watched videos of her moving in my tummy or us having a party for her and singing happy birthday. We’ve gone over all of our pictures together and it’s brought us indescribable joy. As we were going through things, David said, “We learned so much from her.”

We did. We had some of the best times with her that we’ve had in our whole lives. We’re both torn up and in unimaginable pain and just the thought of leaving her tomorrow makes me want to curl up in a ball with her and never let go. And our hearts are completely broken. But at the same time they’re full. They’re full of happy memories and a beautiful journey that we wouldn’t trade for anything. David and I have been incredibly blessed by Brielle. She’s more than we could ever have hoped for or dreamed of.

Thank Yous

I’m so behind on this, but I wanted to say thank you to Craig and Susan for the beautiful flowers and sweet note they sent! I was not expecting them at all and it was a wonderful surprise.

I also want to thank Susan W. for the sweet picture she sent. She told me that she always thought of Brielle when she saw it and decided we needed to have it. I love it! And it matches my house.

And thank you so much Pam D. for the beautiful angel ornament! I was so moved by this sweet gift and it was such a surprise. I actually thought it was my month’s razors. 

It means so much to David and I when we receive these sweet gifts and gestures of kindness. Thank you for thinking of our family, loving on us, encouraging us, and bringing some sunshine into our lives.


Brielle’s Baby Shower

Saturday I was given a surprise baby shower for Brielle. I am in a group of wonderful ladies that also suffer from gastroparesis. A condition where the stomach organ is paralyzed. I’ve struggled with gastroparesis for nearly ten years now. The past three or so years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this wonderful group of women. We are all very different, but have grown close through our struggles with gastroparesis, but also through sharing our lives and becoming good friends.

They each sent me cards to open on Saturday, and then they sent a large envelope that I was instructed to open last. Each card was beautiful, uplifting, and encouraging. And I treasure each one. The final envelope was truly a big surprise. The group had not only donated to Duke University (where they research anencephaly), but had bought Brielle a star!

David and I were so excited about her star! We’ve wanted to get one for her, but have not had the time or energy to look into it. This was a huge surprise and greatly appreciated. It was so sweet and made me feel so good to have a shower for Brielle, especially such a special one. This will be something I tuck away in my heart forever.


Thank You


Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us cards during this time. It means so much to us and I treasure every one. It warms my heart to know we are loved by so many people. Whenever I receive a note of encouragement, a card, a hug, or any type of love and support for Brielle and us, I always think of this verse in Luke.