This Mother Has My Full Respect: More Reason to Support Dr. Bootstaylor

I want to share a video another Atlanta mom made of her first birth experience and why she chose SeeBaby (Dr. Bootstaylor) for her next pregnancy. I’d ask that you really sit down and listen to this story, it is so telling of how current OB’s operate, and the best part is really at the end.

Current DeKalb Medical Head of Obstetrics information here and here. I think it is becoming clear why Dr. Bootstaylor is being targeted and who (or what group) is targeting him. This is completely unprofessional and ethically wrong.

What this doctor did is illegal and violates this mother’s inherent rights. No one should be treated with such barbarity and callous disregard. I have a deep respect for this woman, her bravery, and determination to do what is right, and speak out against obstetric violence against women.

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