Why I Fight So Hard for DeKalb Medical and SeeBaby

I spent a lot of time at DeKalb Medical while I was pregnant with Brielle and, while I can’t speak for the rest of the hospital, the staff in the Women’s Center were incredible. They were attentive, compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable, motherly, warm, inviting, I could go on and on. From Jamie and her incredible kindness, to the nurses, to the NICU nurses and Dr. Armand. I just couldn’t say enough about them.

Sweet Jamie! Let me know if you want me to take any of these down.

Jamie coordinated everything so that our day with Brielle would go as perfectly and seamlessly as possible. She mothered me when there was no one there to mother me. She loved Brielle and treasured her. She guided me through one of the hardest days of my life. I truly believe God sent her into my life and Brielle’s and that the day could not have happened without her. She is, truly, one of DeKalb Medical’s greatest assets.

Dr. Armand learned as much as he could about how he could treat Brielle and keep her brain tissue viable after her birth. He supported me, when even the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta denied Brielle care. He wanted what was best for Brielle and held onto hope for her, hope for a better outcome. He stood by and watched the delivery, ready to care for her if needed. Unfortunately, Brielle’s brain tissue was in very poor shape, she never had a chance. But, Dr. Armand and DeKalb Medical, can help other anencephalics who may have a chance.

Jamie with little Brielle.

The nurses and staff at DeKalb Medical and Dr. Bootstaylor worked together in perfect harmony. They respected each other and their work was beautiful. That kind of partnership, that kind of heart, is incredibly rare. It is something that should be encouraged and nurtured. And I, as well as many others, felt that it is a partnership worth fighting for.

I hope DeKalb recognizes what a special hospital they have, and I hope they weed out those who wish to do it harm, and lift up those who give wholeheartedly and selflessly.

DeKalb and Dr. Bootstaylor could operate separately and everything would be okay, but, again, this partnership is something special. I hope SeeBaby and the staff of DeKalb Medical know how much I love them all and support them.

I talk about my love of DeKalb here as well.

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