Brielle’s First Snow

Trying to hold Rosie still, so we can get a picture.

I was going through all of my pictures since Brielle was conceived, wondering what we did before we received her diagnosis. And I came across these pictures. I was sadly anticipating the first snow without Brielle and little did I know, she did get a snow. It made me so happy to see these.

Brielle was just a little poppy seed at the time and I have no idea what she was aware of, but still. She had a snow! She was there. Microscopic, but there. I’ll be sad when our first snow comes and she isn’t with us, but I won’t be as sad. I can at least think back to this moment, which I documented very well.

Emmy loves snow. And on this day, Emmy woke David and I up, because she could see the snow outside. She was running around, jumping excitedly, giving us her “awoo’s,” and finally jumped in bed with us to let us know she was ready for her playtime. She just goes wild in it. Rosie on the other hand isn’t that big of a fan. She doesn’t like the cold, and is kind of confused about the function of snow. Emmy sees it as something to play with and Rosie can only deduce that it is something you eat.

While Emmy goes into a frenzy and chomps down on frozen sticks, Rosie and I play eat the snow ball. I throw a snow ball and she runs after it and eats it. She then proceeds to try and eat all of the snow in the yard. Thankfully Emmy keeps her distracted and will induce a frenzy like state in Rosie as well. And then it’s just wild dog babies everywhere.

I’m thankful that this snow happened while David was home and that we got to have such a great time together as a family. One of Brielle’s first “memories” was all of us laughing and playing in the snow. I think that’s a pretty great way to start out a life.

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Brielle’s First Concert


I love Billy Joel. In 2009 he was on his Face to Face tour with Elton John and I flew out to Atlanta to see the concert. David got us great floor seats and we had an awesome time. It was an amazing concert. Fast forward to February of 2015 and I found out he’ll be in town again. By the time I decided I wanted to go, there were only a few seats left in the back row. Serious nosebleed seats. I was still excited.

That evening I was a complete mess. I was an oil monster, angry as could be, and just all out miserable. I felt awful and no matter how hard I tried I could not get excited about the concert. I kept thinking, “What’s wrong with me?!” David was on pins and needles around me and I was dying for the concert to be over already.

Half way through the concert I started thinking, “Could I be? No, we just started trying. Maybe? No way, it’s too early to start feeling symptoms yet.” And then, “Maybe I should just take a pregnancy test to be sure.”

I voiced my thoughts to David on the way home. He was kind of bewildered, “But we just started trying.” I let out a sigh, “I know.” I was such a cranky pants. The more I thought about it though, the more I started to get that excited butterfly feeling in my stomach.

The next day David and I went to Kroger’s and picked up a pregnancy test. I was so nervous. The test said it was most likely too early to tell, but I took it anyways. A few minutes later (it felt like hours), I checked the test. And sure enough, two very faint lines appeared. I was pregnant.

I was confused, “Why was it so faint? Is it like a kind of pregnant? That’s ridiculous Caitrin, you can’t be kind of pregnant. Maybe it’s so faint because it’s so early.” I came out of the bathroom and told David I was pregnant. “Already?” We were both shocked. Complete and utter shock.

We were excited, but shocked. We thought it would take longer. It hadn’t even been close to a month since we started trying. We decided to wait a week and take another test. By the following week I was excited, we were both extremely excited. The news had finally sunk in and I was very happy to finally be a mommy. And David had wrapped his head around being a dad and was also happy. He’d already been talking to my tummy and we had mentally adjusted to the news. We were ready.

I took the second test first thing in the morning. I was exhausted, so I went back to bed while it did it’s magic. David told me he would check it when he got up for the morning. I woke up to him saying my name, “Caitrin, there is only one line.” My eyes shot open. I’d lost the baby. It’d only been a week and I’d lost the baby. I sobbed and sobbed. I wrapped my arms around my tummy and kept apologizing to my dead baby. I was completely and utterly heartbroken.

A couple of hours later I got up for the day. I went into the bathroom and looked at the pregnancy test. There were two lines, they were just super faint. I came out of the bathroom, pregnancy test in hand, and said, “David, I’m still pregnant. You read the test wrong. You read the freaking test wrong David.” I’m shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and he’s looking at me with his confused, “What?” eyes. I’d gone through all of that heartbreak for no reason. I wasn’t even mad, just, “Really David, really? Thanks a lot.”

Lesson for all you ladies who want to have kids, don’t let your husband interpret the test. And if you start hating something you’ve always loved, take a pregnancy test.

And the good news? Brielle’s first concert was to see Billy Joel.


Mexico Independence Day

Wednesday Dennis G. had a layover in Atlanta and came out to see me and Brielle. We had lunch at The Marietta Diner (very tasty!) and caught up on things going on back home in Texas. It was so great to see him. The last few times I’ve been in Texas I either haven’t seen him or I’ve only seen him for a couple of minutes, so it was very good to see him again. For those that don’t know, Dennis and Rene have been a part of my life for the past twenty years. I grew up with them and their boys and they feel more like family than family friends. Scott and I grew up playing in the New Mexico Rockies and beating each other up back home. Him and Robert were the brothers I never had and I love their family dearly. David is also extremely fond of Robert as well, Robert is a computer nerd just like David. David always says, “Oh, I like Robert, he’s a cool dude.” I guess that’s guy talk for he likes him?

Wednesday was also Mexico Independence Day. Again, for those that don’t know, I am a born and raised Texan and I took my fair share of Texas history. It grieves me that my children will not be Texans, really, it pains me. So, I’ve decided if they can’t be born Texan they can at least be raised Texan. Since Mexico’s independence from Spain is a big part of Texas’s own history I decided that I should educate David and Brielle about this day.

We went to Pappasito’s, which is about the only place in Atlanta with homemade tortillas, so of course we went there for dinner. Brielle loved her fajitas and onions! And she really liked the mariachi band too! She had a lot of fun and wiggled around quite a bit. When we came home, I read them the story of Father Hidalgo and we discussed Mexico’s independence from Spain. David was sad that Father Hidalgo’s life didn’t end well, he was surprised by that. Such is war and revolution. Overall, I think Brielle had a great day today! Even if it ended with the story of a man dying.


Piedmont Park (25th Week!)


What a day! We’re celebrating Brielle’s 25th week this week. I saw that there was an ice cream festival at Piedmont Park and so we decided that was the best thing to do this weekend!

We’re so silly. The “festival” didn’t offer much and the lines were so long we couldn’t even get close to the food trucks and have ice cream. So we walked, and walked, and walked. Between round ligament pain, the heat, a bum foot, and swollen feet. The park experience had me telling David how much I hated him, surprisingly a first in our relationship. Poor David and poor Brielle. She hated the experience. She was giving me her, “I hate this!” kicks, and jamming her little feet right into my side that was in pain. Oh it was fun.

The real fun part was when we went shopping at Phipps Plaza, before Piedmont Park. This mall of course had me saying, “Why can’t all malls be like this?” Phipps has all of my favorite stores in one building! Other malls just don’t. So David and I took Brielle on a bit of a shopping experience. I think she slept through the whole thing. But Mommy had fun! I tried on shoes at L.K. Bennett, which were amazing, really, everyone go buy a pair. But leave the size 42s for me please (European sizing for those who don’t know). Then we went to Tiffany’s, because they have beautiful charm bracelets and Brielle and I decided that we need one. There is a ballet slipper charm that I’d like to get for Brielle since her first book that she liked was called “The Silver Slippers.” So I picked out exactly what I want and had it written down for David. I like to just tell him exactly what I want for presents, instead of letting him guess and come up with things that I don’t like. Then we went to Saks and walked around, looked at YSL bags, and more shoes. Mommy was in heaven. And then Piedmont Park happened.

I will say the park was beautiful and we can’t wait to go back when I’m not pregnant.

We had dinner at Stony River, a tasty steak house in the Atlanta area. I gave Brielle shrimp for the first time, she was unimpressed to say the least. And we had stone pups, a tasty donut like bread they serve, that was a huge hit! Maybe the first bread ever that she has liked. We then had filet mignon, of course, and au gratin potatoes. She was a huge fan of the au gratin and enjoyed the steak. We then went to Bruster’s on the way home and Brielle and I had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. She liked it better than the shrimp, but it wasn’t her favorite.

We also discovered today that Brielle likes Van Halen and AC/DC a lot. Really starts dancing for AC/DC. She also likes Queen, while listening to We Will Rock you for the second time, Brielle kicked in time with the stomping clap part. She’s so funny, she loves her music!