Brielle’s First Snow

Trying to hold Rosie still, so we can get a picture.

I was going through all of my pictures since Brielle was conceived, wondering what we did before we received her diagnosis. And I came across these pictures. I was sadly anticipating the first snow without Brielle and little did I know, she did get a snow. It made me so happy to see these.

Brielle was just a little poppy seed at the time and I have no idea what she was aware of, but still. She had a snow! She was there. Microscopic, but there. I’ll be sad when our first snow comes and she isn’t with us, but I won’t be as sad. I can at least think back to this moment, which I documented very well.

Emmy loves snow. And on this day, Emmy woke David and I up, because she could see the snow outside. She was running around, jumping excitedly, giving us her “awoo’s,” and finally jumped in bed with us to let us know she was ready for her playtime. She just goes wild in it. Rosie on the other hand isn’t that big of a fan. She doesn’t like the cold, and is kind of confused about the function of snow. Emmy sees it as something to play with and Rosie can only deduce that it is something you eat.

While Emmy goes into a frenzy and chomps down on frozen sticks, Rosie and I play eat the snow ball. I throw a snow ball and she runs after it and eats it. She then proceeds to try and eat all of the snow in the yard. Thankfully Emmy keeps her distracted and will induce a frenzy like state in Rosie as well. And then it’s just wild dog babies everywhere.

I’m thankful that this snow happened while David was home and that we got to have such a great time together as a family. One of Brielle’s first “memories” was all of us laughing and playing in the snow. I think that’s a pretty great way to start out a life.

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