Brielle’s First Concert


I love Billy Joel. In 2009 he was on his Face to Face tour with Elton John and I flew out to Atlanta to see the concert. David got us great floor seats and we had an awesome time. It was an amazing concert. Fast forward to February of 2015 and I found out he’ll be in town again. By the time I decided I wanted to go, there were only a few seats left in the back row. Serious nosebleed seats. I was still excited.

That evening I was a complete mess. I was an oil monster, angry as could be, and just all out miserable. I felt awful and no matter how hard I tried I could not get excited about the concert. I kept thinking, “What’s wrong with me?!” David was on pins and needles around me and I was dying for the concert to be over already.

Half way through the concert I started thinking, “Could I be? No, we just started trying. Maybe? No way, it’s too early to start feeling symptoms yet.” And then, “Maybe I should just take a pregnancy test to be sure.”

I voiced my thoughts to David on the way home. He was kind of bewildered, “But we just started trying.” I let out a sigh, “I know.” I was such a cranky pants. The more I thought about it though, the more I started to get that excited butterfly feeling in my stomach.

The next day David and I went to Kroger’s and picked up a pregnancy test. I was so nervous. The test said it was most likely too early to tell, but I took it anyways. A few minutes later (it felt like hours), I checked the test. And sure enough, two very faint lines appeared. I was pregnant.

I was confused, “Why was it so faint? Is it like a kind of pregnant? That’s ridiculous Caitrin, you can’t be kind of pregnant. Maybe it’s so faint because it’s so early.” I came out of the bathroom and told David I was pregnant. “Already?” We were both shocked. Complete and utter shock.

We were excited, but shocked. We thought it would take longer. It hadn’t even been close to a month since we started trying. We decided to wait a week and take another test. By the following week I was excited, we were both extremely excited. The news had finally sunk in and I was very happy to finally be a mommy. And David had wrapped his head around being a dad and was also happy. He’d already been talking to my tummy and we had mentally adjusted to the news. We were ready.

I took the second test first thing in the morning. I was exhausted, so I went back to bed while it did it’s magic. David told me he would check it when he got up for the morning. I woke up to him saying my name, “Caitrin, there is only one line.” My eyes shot open. I’d lost the baby. It’d only been a week and I’d lost the baby. I sobbed and sobbed. I wrapped my arms around my tummy and kept apologizing to my dead baby. I was completely and utterly heartbroken.

A couple of hours later I got up for the day. I went into the bathroom and looked at the pregnancy test. There were two lines, they were just super faint. I came out of the bathroom, pregnancy test in hand, and said, “David, I’m still pregnant. You read the test wrong. You read the freaking test wrong David.” I’m shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and he’s looking at me with his confused, “What?” eyes. I’d gone through all of that heartbreak for no reason. I wasn’t even mad, just, “Really David, really? Thanks a lot.”

Lesson for all you ladies who want to have kids, don’t let your husband interpret the test. And if you start hating something you’ve always loved, take a pregnancy test.

And the good news? Brielle’s first concert was to see Billy Joel.


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