Funeral Home Visit


I’ll be posting the obituary and service information soon. But I did want to update everyone on our visit with the funeral home today. We met with the director and he was incredibly kind. He showed us around and we talked about what we could do. He recommended their parlor for the service and viewing. It’s beautiful and intimate, which I think will be perfect for Brielle. We talked about all of the details and he again, was kind and generous. I am very impressed. David, asked for me, because I could hardly get out a sentence with all of my crying, if we could see Brielle again. We hadn’t been notified when the body was moved from the hospital and it had really bothered me because I didn’t know where she was. He hesitated, but agreed and brought her to us. They had wrapped her in a beautiful pink silk and mink blanket. She hadn’t been embalmed yet and looked beautiful still. Her eyes looked better than they had since she was born and her skin looked perfect. It made David and I feel so much better knowing that she was okay and that they were taking such good care of her. We both are more than thankful for the kindness they are showing us and for the tender care they have given our sweet Brielle. I feel at ease knowing she is being taken care of so well. Even though she is gone we still worry about her and worry about her being by herself in a cold place without a friendly face, but they are very kind and are treating her very well. David and I can rest easier tonight knowing she is taken care of.

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