Brielle’s Baby Shower

Saturday I was given a surprise baby shower for Brielle. I am in a group of wonderful ladies that also suffer from gastroparesis. A condition where the stomach organ is paralyzed. I’ve struggled with gastroparesis for nearly ten years now. The past three or so years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this wonderful group of women. We are all very different, but have grown close through our struggles with gastroparesis, but also through sharing our lives and becoming good friends.

They each sent me cards to open on Saturday, and then they sent a large envelope that I was instructed to open last. Each card was beautiful, uplifting, and encouraging. And I treasure each one. The final envelope was truly a big surprise. The group had not only donated to Duke University (where they research anencephaly), but had bought Brielle a star!

David and I were so excited about her star! We’ve wanted to get one for her, but have not had the time or energy to look into it. This was a huge surprise and greatly appreciated. It was so sweet and made me feel so good to have a shower for Brielle, especially such a special one. This will be something I tuck away in my heart forever.


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