A Texas Visit


Brielle and I flew in to Texas, on Tuesday, for my little sister’s wedding this Saturday. We’re so excited for Aunt Tessa and Uncle Zach! Brielle and I have been super busy since we got here, but we’ve had so much fun with family and friends.

Brielle was pretty quiet Tuesday and Wednesday (I think it was just a lot of new stuff and sounds for her), but Wednesday night at church she perked up! She was hiccuping, and then she had a big stretch and pushed on me with her hands and feet. Everyone at church was so kind and encouraging and they were all so wonderful to little Brielle! My little girl is so special and so loved!

Thursday we went to a bridesmaids luncheon and sweet Susan bought Brielle pineapple!! Just the smell of it had little Brielle so excited, needless to say we had a great time (especially Brielle!). Thursday was also Aunt Tessa’s bachelorette party, but we were too tired to go, I was very sad about that. We went to Abuelos for dinner and had fajitas with a lot of onions and red peppers. Brielle was beyond excited, in fact if I slowed down my eating she would start kicking me harder and faster, as if to say, “Hurry up Mommy, I’m hungry!!!” She’s so cute, and has such personality! I had quite a few laughs at her antics. She’s been a very happy baby, I’m so happy that I get to be her Mommy.

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