Brielle’s Visit to the Pumpkin Patch


Brielle is 34 weeks! Sunday we took Brielle to Guthrie Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze. It’s my favorite pumpkin farm because they have an amazing selection of pumpkins. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I really wanted to share this time with Brielle. I’m very happy we’ve made it this far, that is definitely an answered prayer!

We met some friends from Chattanooga at the farm (I’ve left out images of them due to privacy). We hung out at the petting zoo. I told Brielle all about the sweet animals and we loved on just about all of them. I’d love to teach her how to ride horses and share that experience with her. At least we got to love on a sweet horse.

Then we went on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. And then it was like an Easter egg hunt! I was on a mission to find unique colored pumpkins. The first pumpkin I found for Brielle was a blue grey pumpkin. That is her first pumpkin and it is small, just like sweet Brielle! I stomped around the patch looking for the perfect pumpkins for my little girl. David forbade me from bending over or lifting (I may have done it a couple of times and got some severe looks). So I’d find them and wait as he retrieved a few and then brought them back to the wagon. In addition to the blue grey pumpkin, I found a couple of peachy white pumpkins, a beautiful deep orange pumpkin, a bright yellow pumpkin, a bright green pumpkin, and a large light orange pumpkin. As we were getting back in the wagon I found a tiny cute striped gourd, so I grabbed that one (it was not heavy).

We bought some apple and pumpkin butter, I’m excited to try that with Brielle. I’ll need to try it with a pumpkin spice latte too and maybe a Halloween movie. Overall I think Brielle had fun! She stayed right on the edge of my tummy and did not burrow at all, which is what she does when she is happy. Sweet girl was able to have a fun fall experience!

I do want to add that I have a really great picture of David, but he doesn’t want me to share it. He doesn’t like me to post pictures of him.

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