Happy 40th Brielle!

Wearing my Orhpans (not a typo) shirt from one of the Rifftrax we saw with Brielle.

Brielle had a great day today (Friday) and it’s the beginning of her 40th week! David took the day off and stayed with us. We woke up early this morning and had bacon (she was very excited about that!) and peanut butter pancakes. She was so happy, lots and lots of wiggles. After breakfast we went back to bed, Mommy needs a lot of sleep these days. I woke up to her acrobatics, she was just having fun, entertaining herself. I wore my “Orhpans” shirt (yes, I spelled that correctly) that David bought me for my birthday. The shirt is from the Rifftrax we saw of “Miami Connection” a few weeks ago. David wanted to be in the same nerd spirit with me, so he wore his “Big Trouble in Little China” shirt.

We decided to have lunch at Maggiano’s, Brielle had a strawberry melon soda when we were there last and she loved it. Unfortunately, that was a seasonal item and they couldn’t make it for us. But she had been wanting olive oil, so she loved her bread and olive oil and she loved the fettuccine alfredo I had too.

I am only playing her playlist of favorite songs this weekend and she has loved it. She was shaking her little booty to Frank Sinatra on the way home. I told David that at least it is a beautiful time of the year to be born. The leaves are beautiful and the weather is great. We picked up her favorite drink from Smoothie King on the way home, Strawberry Extreme. She wanted that all the time in my first and second trimesters. David brought me home one a day for a few weeks. And yes, of course she loved her Strawberry Extreme.

As I was going inside when we got home I saw this little Australian Shepherd. He was just wandering around and no one was in sight. I invited him inside and he happily came in. It was very obvious that he was recently groomed and he was very trusting of us and well mannered. He didn’t have a collar though. I told Brielle we’d have to go on an adventure to find his owners, she was excited about that! We drove around the neighborhood, but no one was looking for him. We took him to the vet and had him checked for a microchip, no chip. We brought him home and introduced him to our dog children. It took a little bit, but they’re all getting along now. Brielle kicked around and wiggled the whole time we worked to assimilate the dog into the house. Our girls (our dogs) are tolerating the other dog, which we later named Munchkin, but they are ready for him to go. And we too, are ready to find his humans, he misses his family and we’d like him to find them.

We later watched a Rifftrax of “No Retreat, No Surrender” a horribly cheesy Van Damme movie from the ’80s. I ate skittles for Brielle and David and I laughed our heads off. Brielle loved hearing us laugh and she loved her skittles. She did lots of punches and I had David put his hand on my tummy so that he could feel them. That always makes him laugh and smile.

Brielle has been so active today and so happy. I’ve done my best to stay positive for her and happy. She really hates it when I cry. Yesterday, (because I was crying) she gave me quite a few painful punches. That wasn’t a lot of fun for either of us. So today I just spent the day doing things she likes and wondering where we’ll be a year from now, or decades from now. I have no idea what to expect, but I desperately hope she’s here.

We also spent the whole day trying to get the doctor’s office to book the c-section, but no one would return our calls. We received a text late tonight from Dr. B who said he would call us Monday and book us for Tuesday or Wednesday. We asked if that would be okay for Brielle. He said her biophysical profile was good, so she should be okay for seven to ten days. Tuesday will be six days since he advised us to schedule a delivery. This whole situation makes me nervous and I’m stressed. I just want Brielle to be okay and no one knows what is going to happen. The scheduling process isn’t helping my anxiety or stress. Oh well, nothing I can do about it this weekend.

Tonight is going to be interesting. Munchkin is terrified of the dark and cries when we turn the lights off. He also stalks us into the bathroom, sneaks into our bed, and has a strange attachment to David’s pants and socks. He’s very cute, but I don’t generally let strange dogs into my bed or bathroom. David keeps saying, “I’m ready for this dog to find his home.” And, “Two dogs is plenty. Three is too much!” Which I find hilarious, because David has been asking for a third dog for a while now, and I just laugh, tell him he’s crazy and then say, “NO.”

Our pretty fall drive.
Brielle loves her strawberry smoothies!
All three pups keeping an eye on each other.


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