Our Last Sunday With Brielle

Mommy and Brielle.

Brielle was a sleepy head on Sunday. I think she wore herself out. Brielle didn’t really dance to the music, she liked the last two songs before the sermon. The sermon was very good and about God’s timing and plan. How he sometimes answers very quickly and other times takes forever to answer prayers. This was encouraging to me, I so hope that God reveals a complete healing for Brielle in a couple days. I’m coming to accept the situation no matter what happens and trust God though this. But, like I kept saying to God during this service, I’m so scared, I’m scared of losing my baby. I need to mother her and it breaks my heart to think of losing her. I know God understands this and I hope he spares me that pain.

We went to Stoney River for lunch. I had my usual and introduced my family to the place. They were all big fans of Stone Pups. Which who isn’t? Brielle was so excited for her steak and au gratin potatoes. Especially the potatoes. It was so cute! She finally woke up when she started tasting her favorites! We all had a great time out and laughed a lot, caught up on things, and just enjoyed our time. We had a fun lunch and I enjoyed feeling Brielle kick around and punch around. She felt very happy.

On the way home I played her playlist and “Iron Man” came on. She loved it and danced around. Dad said she was going to be a metal head. She is so funny. That evening we started Beauty and the Beast (my favorite Disney movie, I wore the tape out when I was a little girl). Brielle really liked the movie! She was scared of Beast at first and would hide in my tummy when he would roar or let his temper flare. I kept telling her he was really nice on the inside. Eventually she came around. Tessa brought over snickerdoodles during the movie and Brielle went crazy for them! She did her big kicks, where my belly jumps. Mom got to feel those, and I’m glad she did. By the time we watched the movie, Brielle had finally adjusted to my family and was getting back to her wiggly happy self. Mom got to feel her kick quite a bit. Dad tried, but he was on the wrong side. Tessa tried too and said she felt water moving, but couldn’t really feel Brielle. It’s one of the negatives about having all of this fluid. Brielle had a lot of fun tonight. She danced and wiggled.

She responded to the movie and loved her cookies! When we watched the funny movie tonight that we had watched the night before, she started wiggling again too. I think she likes that movie too, or just likes that David and I are laughing so much. She is so aware, it is incredibly hard to believe that part of her brain is missing. I spent some time after the movies just hanging out with my family and that was nice. It was nice just being around them, I see them so little that it was nice to catch up.

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