Good Days, Bad Days


I have good days and bad days. Today is a bad day. I want to sleep and forget this is all happening, but then I start to panic. I only have so much time with her and I’m terrified of wasting it. And then I think about Christmas and how she’ll just have died. And how can I ever travel again? I can’t leave her alone in a cemetery on Christmas. I know it’s just her earthly body, but it’s all I’ll have left, I have to keep her safe.

And how do I deliver her? Her odds of survival double if I have a c section, but I’ve been told never to have abdominal surgery again. It puts me at risk of death and worsening my gastroparesis. How do I chose between our lives? One mother talked about her son having sores on his exposed head after birth, where skin and brain tissue were rubbed off. How can I let that happen to her? Even though I was told she’d never know pain, she’s been showing signs of pain and sensitivity. How can I do that to her? How do I make that decision? I just want my baby to live. I just want to see her grow up, I’m supposed to go first, not her.

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