Thank You

I have a couple of thank yous today. I received this beautiful blanket from Lois M. a few days ago. It is so soft and beautiful. I love it so much! I’m sure Brielle will love it too and she’ll look beautiful all snuggled up in it. I can’t wait to hold her in this sweet blanket! Thank you Lois!!!


I also received a book a few days ago titled “You’re Here for a Reason” by Nancy Tillman. I do not know who sent this, but whoever did, please let me know. I’d love to thank you for it! David was just saying we needed more books for Brielle and this book is perfect. Brielle loves the book “Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You” by the same author and she loves this book as well. I like the elephant on the front, it matches her heartbeat elephant bear (pictured below).


It warms my heart to know Brielle is loved so much. Thank you for these gifts. Brielle, David, and I will treasure them.

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