Brielle is 35 Weeks!


Brielle is 35 weeks! We celebrated a little early this week. Thursday (a day early) we went and saw a Rifftrax of a horrible ’80s movie called, Miami Connection. The guys who do Rifftrax are the same guys who did Mystery Science Theater, they make fun of movies. It is really hilarious. It’s not mean, it’s all in good fun, but they are really very funny. Anyways, we had a good time out and laughed ourselves silly. At one point, David was laughing so hard I thought he was about to have a heart attack.

We also had an appointment Thursday afternoon to check my fluid levels. They were up to 47 cm, that’s a lot. I’m actually feeling better than I was at 37 cm. I can breathe and sleep fine. I’m having a lot of trouble walking and eating. There’s not a lot of room in there for food and my joints are like, “Too much weight!!” So, you know, good fun. Otherwise, everything looked great for both me and Brielle. All of our stats were perfect.

Saturday, my gastroparesis support group threw me a baby shower for Brielle. It was so kind and sweet. It was very special. We watched Jane Eyre, the 1983 Timothy Dalton version. Brielle liked it! We’ve seen two versions now and she liked both. Which is good, Jane Eyre is my favorite book. Overall, this week Brielle and I will be taking it easy and watching a lot of movies. Because that’s about all Mommy has the strength for.

Brielle did do some funny things the other day. I woke up to her dancing her little booty off. I mean flailing her arms and legs in every direction, she is quite the acrobat. I gently patted my belly and said, “Good morning sweet girl.” She froze. She stopped moving altogether and retreated deep in my tummy. I woke up again a few hours later to a new set of acrobatics, this one with lots of punches to my abdomen. So I rubbed on that spot and she once again froze and retreated. I guess I wasn’t supposed to know what she was up to. Silly girl is so shy! Saturday, David and I were watching my tummy and Brielle was kicking so hard you could see my belly jump (it’s harder to see that because of all the fluid I’m carrying). David started talking and she stopped. So I told her Daddy was gone and could she show Mommy how big and strong she is getting? Oh then she started moving again. So David had to sit there quietly and not move while she put on her little show. Later, David kept saying, “How did we get such a shy daughter?” I had to remind him, she’s OUR daughter. You don’t get much more introverted than David and I, what did he expect?

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