Happy First Halloween Brielle!

My 39th Week Posed Picture

Brielle had her first Halloween and turned 39 weeks! I wasn’t sure if I’d still be pregnant when Halloween came around, so I hadn’t planned anything. I introduced Brielle to the first Halloweentown movie (a yearly tradition for me) and then we went out and bought candy for the trick or treaters. David had bought a bag, but it was not the type of candy kids like, so we took it back. I did not anticipate the rush on candy at 4 in the afternoon. Goodness gracious, we went to Kroger, Rite Aid, and Publix in search of all the candy we needed. Brielle loves Skittles and I was determined to get some for her. David finally found a bag at Publix. Thank goodness, Brielle’s Halloween had to be perfect. We also picked up a pumpkin to carve for Brielle, her first jack-o-lantern!

We also went to a used book store and picked up some more books for her. I was shocked to find a couple of my favorites, “The Rough-Face Girl” and “The Legend of the Bluebonnet,” which is about a Comanche tribe, which I’m pretty sure is the tribe my family is descended from. My great grandfather wasn’t the greatest guy, so we aren’t sure what tribe we come from, but the Comanches are the only tribe we resemble. I read her both books and she liked them both! Especially “The Rough-Face Girl,” she started wiggling a lot when I read the part about the Invisible Being recognizing how beautiful the girl was even though she was scarred from fire.

When we got home I started munching on candy and Brielle had a bit of a sugar rush. David fastened Brielle’s mermaid costume onto my belly, I can’t see the bottom of my belly now. My parents bought that sweet outfit for her, I didn’t know if Brielle would come before Halloween and I wanted something for her. This worked out really well, especially since I’m not sure she’s going to fit into it anymore. She’s a full size baby now and has incredibly long legs, David and I are going to breed a race of giants.

Later we carved her jack-o-lantern and passed out candy to the trick or treaters. We turned on the movie Hocus Pocus (another yearly tradition) and watched that. Brielle had crashed by the time we watched Hocus Pocus, too much sugar for a little girl. But she had a lot of fun tonight. She did her dancing and wiggles and kicked her Daddy a lot!

Brielle’s big sisters celebrated Halloween too! I dressed Emmy (the oldest) in a cheerleader costume that says “Rah, Rah, Ruff!” and I dressed Rosie (the baby) in a glow in the dark pirate costume that says “Trick ‘Arrr’ Treat.” My dog children love dressing up, it made their day when I pulled out their costumes. Especially Emmy, Emmy is a flat-coated retriever which are known to be scary smart. So Emmy actually picked out her costume. I know that sounds weird, but really she’s so smart. Everyone says that about their beloved pets, but Emmy just knows and understands things. Her breed was used nearly to extinction by the English in the World Wars and I can see why they are such a popular breed for war. They have a calculating intelligence and a seriousness most retrievers don’t have. The girls, as I call them, also had pumpkin treats and enjoyed a brisk fall day outside. They were very happy and were thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day.

I’m so happy we got to share this holiday with Brielle. It was a very happy day, in a sugary sweet, happy family way. Those are my favorite type of days, I’m so thankful we got to have another one as a family.

I also made a Halloween playlist and have been playing it for Brielle. We’ve had a few hits with her. Interesting to note, she doesn’t like the Monster Mash or Time Warp, she really doesn’t like Time Warp.

The “Oh, you’re such a sweet baby!” picture, with tickles.
The, “Oh crap, you’re sea shell straps are showing and your starfish is curled up.”
Beautifying little Brielle.
Here we go, fixed sea shells and starfish.
Brielle’s pumpkin and her bucket.
Emmy’s costume, with Rosie trying to get in the shot.
Rosie’s costume, with a fresh dabble of dirt on her nose.
We couldn’t take Brielle out trick or treating, so whenever someone would come to the door, we’d put a piece of candy in her bucket. So this is her Halloween candy! lol
Her Daddy is hard at work carving her pumpkin.
He said he was happy we went ahead and did this, it was a fun memory to make with her.
Her pumpkin.
All of Brielle’s pumpkins!

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